La bella Mandorla - Music from Codex Squarcialupi (1410)

The Codex Squarcialupi is an extensive decorative manuscript of the Italian Trecento, written around 1410, named after the organist Antonio Squarcialupi, who owned it in the 14th century. It contains works by twelve well-known composers, such as Francesco Landini, Johannes de Cascia, Jacobo de Bologna and Lorenzo de Firenze, which are arranged chronologically. Music is closely linked to the literature of its time. The Ensemble palatino87 celebrates the unusually complex but outstandingly beautiful pieces. The CD has been produced in cooperation with Deutschlandfunk and published by CPO.

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Stella Splendens - Marian music from 4 centuries

Compositions by Falconieri, Ruimonte, Rodriguez & from the Llibre Vermell, Codax Las Huelgas, Cancionero de Palacio

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Bois de Cologne - Early Music for Recorders & Harp

Compositions by Machaut, Landini, Merula, Eyck, Preston, Tollet, Croft, Purcell, Uccelini, Rossi & anonymous masters

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Trio Delight: Puppentanz; Aphorisme; Mandala; Zettels Traum; Jaco; Yatra; Air Piece

Clavichord, Didgeridoo – Ludger Singer
Recorders, Fujara – Meike Herzig
Violin – Albrecht Maurer

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Haylive - Ensemble syn.de

Label: Novatune

Plus que dame

Tage Alter Musik in Herne 2002

Concert series "Frauen in der Musik" (Women in music)
Works from the Middle Ages to Weimar Classicism

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