Upon a ground, and other ostinatos, standards in the 18th century musical repertoires, the performers challenge is to combine their inspiration and their creativity in their way of playing enabling them to showcase their virtuosity while competing in ingenuity. The passionate outbursts of Italian music can be found in this program mixing improvisation with the experimental.

The contrast of soft, smooth melodies with brilliant passages full of impetuosity leave the listener amazed and surprised. The typical ambivalence of the alternating binary /ternary of the basso allows the performer to be more flexible in interpretation and form. A journey full of surprises led by lively, colorful and varied music taking the listener along the pathways of the Italian musicians in their search for both a soft smoothness and expressive force.

Here you can find an audio sample.

Ensemble Artemandoline


More information about Artemandoline can be found on the website of the ensemble.